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Civic Brain is a sofware solution designed to humanize the relationship between governments and their communities

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Turn the data you already have into relationships that strengthen your community


Today’s citizen learns about issues on social media. Rather than convince people to download yet another application, reach them where they already are.


Celebrate your achievements and share important information in a way that speaks to what your constituencies care about. Add value, not noise.


Traditional forms of communication can be as much as ten  times the cost of digital. With Civic Brain, reach more people without sacrificing fiscal responsibility.

centralize Your data

Local government data has opened an incredible range of opportunities for better governance and outreach. Activate the power of contactability by securely centralizing local goverment data.

learn from experts

Our team of digital communications experts is here to help throughout the entire process from onboarding to strategy.

improve results

Civic Brain produces weekly reports to help you measure, show, and increase the impact of your local government communications.

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