Behind every leader is a strategic mind

The Civic Brain Affiliate Program makes the power of political data available and easy for political consultants. Join the strategic leaders shaping today’s modern campaigns and become a Civic Brain partner.

Why join us?

Political consultants need solutions that help their candidates get where they want to go. Civic Brain helps solve this by working with candidates to increase their contactability, drive outreach strategies, and communicate with voters in a meaningful way. Grow your consulting business by joining the Civic Brain Affiliate program and share our powerful tools with your clients.

Benefits of Becoming a Civic Brain Affiliate
The Civic Brain Affiliate Program is free to join. It is designed for political consultants and organizations who aim to be the leaders in creative campaign strategy, data analytics, and digital marketing.
Free to join

Civic Brain Affiliate Program is free to join.

Data-first strategies

Incorporate data-first tools into your strategy.

Grow contact lists

Help your clients grow their most essential resource: their contact lists.

Be a Leader in political technology

Become known as a leader in political technology and digital marketing.

What is Civic Brain

Civic Brain is a powerful software that allows to collect, organize, filter, create audiences and export them to Facebook, Mail Chimp and other media. Civic Brain fuses geographic information with data analysis to create  richer contact profiles, that helps you to create strategic campaign crossing territorial data with demographics.

Who we are
At Civic Brain we live for the data that powers modern day politics, and we produce tools that make it easier to run a modern campaign.
Based in San Francisco and with an office in Santiago, Chile, our political chops span languages and cultures. We got our start in 500 Startups and see no end in sight.
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