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We are a diverse team of 20 currently based in Santiago, Chile. We're working hard to build a proactive and collaborative team that can empathize with each other and our customers to solve hard problems and build a product we can be proud of.

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Backend Engineer

Civic Brain equips governments with a suite of data-driven tools to understand citizens and drive meaningful, proactive engagement. Civic Brain uses geographic intelligence and data science to unlock a new generation of data-driven communication and outreach.

We currently partner with local governments in Latin America and the US.

It is a spin-off company of InstaGIS (500 Startups ‘13).

Job description

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer with a passion for building systems that work. You enjoy designing systems and can take a step back and solve problems by looking at the big picture. Among the existing philosophies and paradigms for software architecture, you like microservices and the “Unix philosophy”. You feel right at home with a Linux shell.

As a backend engineer, you will be part of the core development team, where robustness and scalability are paramount. What we build is the foundation enabling our data scientists work and supports several internal, public and third-party applications. From coming up with new architectures to improving performance benchmarks, you will be involved in all aspects of our backend services design, programming and deployment.

Do you have the following traits / skills?

  • Avid learner. You have significant experience with Python and knowledge of --or eagerness to learn-- PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, among others. You can differentiate between good technologies and the latest fads.
  • Balanced. You believe that development speed should not sacrifice quality; that both are important for high-performance teams. You feel comfortable with sprints.
  • Holistic view. You understand how all the pieces fit together (front-end, microservices, database, cache, network layer, etc.) and how they impact the performance of your application.
  • Passion. You feel ownership over everything you ship. You pride yourself on efficient monitoring, strong documentation, and proper test coverage.
  • A team player. You believe that you can achieve more on a team. You rely on others' candid feedback and code reviews for continuous improvement.

What you get

  • Dress however you like (except when meeting customers).
  • A friendly and motivating work environment.
  • Flexible hours: you manage your time however you see fit.
  • Above-market wages.
  • Start-up like environment in a well-funded company.
  • Very close to a subway station (L1, Escuela Militar).
  • Secure indoor bicycle parking.

Acerca de Civic Brain (InstaGIS)

Empower your community with meaningful outreach — Perfil completo de Civic Brain (InstaGIS)

We're always interested in hearing from great people. If you think you are a good fit, send us your CV at