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How to boost city revenue with Facebook

Huechuraba, Providencia, y Las Condes lograron mejorar su campaña de renovación de permisos de circulación usando Facebook. Aprende cómo lo hicieron.

A Catalogue of Civic Technology and Open Data Use Cases

A list of problem-driven use cases where data and analytics made all the difference by asking “what kinds of operations-enhancing questions have cities asked and answered with data and analytics?”

Snapchat for Government: Rules of the Game

With so many young people eschewing Facebook and other (older) social networks, its worth it to consider Snapchat as a way to reach the youth of your community.

How to create a social media strategy for government

The short and sweet guide you need to make social media an essential part of your long-term community development strategy. TL;DR its all about the strategy.